The Challenge

For 100 days I will optimizing everything I do – using myself as a case study to test the power of marginal gains.

Pragmatic use of the power of the internet provides the ‘how-to’: this means that I will:

  • Put my question into Google – for example: “How to iron your shirt as effient as possible?”
  • Select the first 5-10 links
  • Use a maximum of 15 minutes to list the most important takeaways and list the sources

During this challenge I will quantify everything I do to measure if there an ‘hockey-stick’ trend in my quality of life.


The 100 days will start on September 1st. I will spend the time before September 1st to:

  1. Start building and optimizing this block
  2. Decide on which Key Performance Indicators to use and how to track them
  3. Quantify my life for a full month to establish the ‘As-Is’ situation
  4. Shortlist marginal gains a should implement in my daily life
  5. Practice writing the ‘how-to’ when I am working on point 1-3




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