14 topics to consider when focusing the marketing effort of your blog

A successful blog needs traffic. To effectively build traffic to your blog you need to promote your blog properly. Here are 14 topics to consider when focusing your marketing effort of your blog:

  1. Write a daily action plan and stick to it to ensure action
  2. Focus content – when you launch the blog you should have an inventory of 20-30 killer articles
  3. Build a network of relations – find the 20-30 blogs in your space and get to know them. You can also use them to create a ‘Guru’ list and ask them to do a guest post or let you do a guest post
  4. Build links – let other people link to your (blog)articles
  5. Blog and comment on other blogs – but be aware not to be too much self promoting
  6. Get personal and respond to your readers
  7. Immediately begin building an email list
  8. Automatically publish your articles on social media
  9. Optimize your articles for search engines
  10. Add your blog to bookmarking sites
  11. Use images to create traffic (e.g. stock incl text overlay)
  12. Perform targeted distribution
  13. Syndicate content – i.e republishing of your content as-is on another website with proper attribution to the original author
  14. Advertise and use analytics to analyze your effort

As always please see the sources for more in-depth information:

14 topics to consider when focusing the marketing effort of your blog

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